CNT Microfabrication and MEMS

Carbon nanotubes as a framework for high-aspect-ratio MEMS fabrication

High aspect ratio microelectromechanical systems: A versatile approach using carbon nanotubes as a framework

Effect of iron catalyst thickness on vertically aligned carbon nanotube forest straightness for CNT-MEMS

Compliant Mechanisms

Mechanical Property Measurement of Carbon Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Structures for Compliant Micromechanisms

Material Properties of Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube-Templated Structures for Microfabrication of Compliant Mechanisms


Effects of catalyst thickness on the fabrication and performance of carbon nanotube-templated thin layer chromatography plates

Ozone priming of patterned carbon nanotube forests for subsequent atomic layer deposition-like deposition of SiO2 for the preparation of microfabricated thin layer chromatography plates

Carbon-Nanotube-Templated Microfabrication of Porous Silicon-Carbon Materials with Application to Chemical Separations

DNA-templated three-branched nanostructures for nanoelectronic devices

Stable, Microfabricated Thin Layer Chromatography Plates without Volume Distortion on Patterned, Amorphous Carbon-Primed Carbon Nanotube Forests

Stable, microfabricated thin layer chromatography plates without volume distortion on patterned, carbon and Al2O3-primed carbon nanotube forests

Pellicular Particles with Spherical Carbon Cores and Porous Nanodiamond/Polymer Shells for Reversed-Phase HPLC

Carbon-Nanotube-Templated Microfabrication of Porous Silicon-Carbon Materials with Application to Chemical Separations

The Blind Men and the Elephant as a Metaphor for Surface Analysis, as Applied to the Preparation and Analysis of New, Highly Stable Materials for Separations Science

Data Storage

Carbon/Ternary Alloy/Carbon Optical Stack on Mylar as an Optical Data Storage Medium to Potentially Replace Magnetic Tape

Oxidation of graphene 'bow tie' nanofuses for permanent, write-once-read-many data storage devices

Characterization of the plastic substrates, the reflective layers, the adhesives, and the grooves of today's archival-grade recordable DVDs

Carbon-Coated Tellurium for Optical Data Storage

Analysis of the plastic substrates, the reflective layers, and the adhesives of today's archival-grade DVDs

Self-assembled Circuits

DNA Origami Metallized Site Specifically to Form Electrically Conductive Nanowires

Electrically Conductive Gold- and Copper-Metallized DNA Origami Nanostructures

Chemical Alignment of DNA Origami to Block Copolymer Patterned Arrays of 5 nm Gold Nanoparticles

Nanografting of silanes on silicon dioxide with applications to DNA localization and copper electroless deposition


Polymer molded templates for nanostructured amorphous silicon photovoltaics

Other Publications

Data and device protection: A ToF-SIMS, wetting, and XPS study of an Apple iPod nano

Thin films of carbon nanotubes via ultrasonic spraying of suspensions in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone and N-cyclohexyl-2-pyrrolidone

Improved efficiency of reversed-phase carbon/nanodiamond/polymer core-shell particles for HPLC using carbonized poly(divinylbenzene) microspheres as the core materials

Alternative FIB TEM Sample Preparation Method for Cross-Sections of Thin Metal Films Deposited on Polymer Substrates

Dual Patterning of a Poly(acrylic acid) Layer by Electron-Beam and Block Copolymer Lithographies

Scaling parallel dielectrophoresis of carbon nanotubes: an enabling geometry

Electron back-scattered diffraction of crystallized vanadium dioxide thin films on amorphous silicon dioxide

Thiol-Ene-Thiol Photofunctionalization of Thiolated Monolayers with Polybutadiene and Functional Thiols, Including Thiolated DNA

Functionalization/passivation of porous graphitic carbon with di-tert-amylperoxide

Processing of Thin Carbon Nanotube-Polyimide Composite Membranes

Chemical Vapor Deposition of Three Aminosilancs on Silicon Dioxide: Surface Characterization, Stability, Effects of Silane Concentration, and Cyanine Dye Adsorption

Attachment of Polybutadienes to Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon and Post-Derivatization of the Adsorbed Species

The Structural Phase Transition in Individual Vanadium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Mechanical Properties of Beams from Self-Assembled Closely Packed and Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Subsurface Oxidation for Micropatterning Silicon (SOMS)

Self-Assembly of a Triangle-Shaped, Hexaplatinum-Incorporated, Supramolecular Amphiphile in Solution and at Interfaces

Giant micelles of organoplatinum(II) gemini amphiphiles

Integrated three-dimensional microelectromechanical devices from processable carbon nanotube wafers

One-step growth of ca. 2-15 nm polymer thin films on hydrogen-terminated silicon

The effect of contact length on adhesion between carbon nanotubes on silicon dioxide

Laser activation-modification of semiconductor surfaces (LAMSS) of 1-alkenes on silicon: A ToF-SIMS, chemometrics, and AFM analysis

Chemistry of olefin-terminated homogeneous and mixed monolayers on scribed silicon

Laser activation modification of semiconductor surfaces (LAMSS)

Synthesis and characterization of photoluminescent In-doped CdSe nanoparticles

Chemomechanical nanolithography: Nanografting on silicon and factors impacting linewidth

Electron exchange between Fe(II)-horse spleen ferritin and Co(III)/Mn(III) reconstituted horse spleen and Azotobacter vinelandii ferritins

Measurement of the adhesion force between carbon nanotubes and a silicon dioxide substrate

Polyelectrolytes as new matrices for secondary ion mass spectrometry

Design and Construction of an Underground TEM Lab at Brigham Young University

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Characterization of the Cobalt and Manganese Oxyhydroxide Cores Formed in Horse Spleen Ferritin

Electrical conductivity of ferritin proteins by conductive AFM

DNA-templated three-branched nanostructures for nanoelectronic devices

AFM Visualization of Mobile Influenza A M2 Molecules in Planar Bilayers

Automated, controlled deposition of nanoparticles on polyelectrolyte-coated silicon from chemomechanically patterned droplet arrays

Self-aligned mechanical attachment of carbon nanotubes to silicon dioxide structures by selective silicon dioxide chemical-vapor deposition

Chemomechanical production of submicron edge width, functionalized, similar to 20 mu m features on silicon

Chemomechanical surface patterning and functionalization of silicon surfaces using an atomic force microscope

Optical dipole model for photodetection in the near field

Surface transformation and photoinduced recovery in CdSe nanocrystals

Aligned microcontact printing of micrometer-scale poly-L-Lysine structures for controlled growth of cultured neurons on planar microelectrode arrays

Chemical and Topographical Surface Modification for Control of Central Nervous System Cell Adhesion

Diffraction-Based Cell Detection Using a Microcontact Printed Antibody Grating

Patterned Protein Layers on Solid Substrates by Thin Stamp Microcontact Printing

Nanometer-scale absorption spectroscopy by near-field photodetection optical microscopy

Optical intensity mapping on the nanometer scale by near-field photodetection optical microscopy

Micromachined submicrometer photodiode for scanning probe microscopy

Senior Theses

Developing Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques of Tungsten on Carbon Nanotube Microstructures

Infiltration of CNT forests by Atomic Layer Deposition for MEMS Applications

Vertically Aligned Three Dimensionally Patterned Silicon Carbide Nanowires

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon-Nanotube-Templated Metallic Microstructures

Experimental Determination of the Pt K Edge K-Factor for Nanoparticle Order-Disorder Transition Analysis

Bulge Testing of Duracoat and Carbon in the Large Deflection Limit

Low-Z, Chemically Resistant, Microfabricated Carbon Composite Transmission Electron Microscope Grids

Sub-Reflector Proof of Concept

Fabrication Of Suspended Graphene Membranes Grown By Chemical Vapor Deposition (Cvd) Using Carbon Nanotubes

Tungsten Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Forests As A Framework For 3-D Microfabrication

Electrical and Optical Properties of Cupric Oxide Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis

Determining The Cause Of Metal Oxide Film Growth Due To Exposure To Vacuum Ultraviolet Light

Mechanical Properties of a-Carbon Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Templated Materials

Investigation of areas of low conductivity in coatings of Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) on a metallic base

Simulation of Electron Diffraction Patterns in the CuAu L10 Phase

Improved Power Output of Vertically-Oriented Solar Cells

Maximizing Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth with 99.5% Pure Ethylene

Selectively Grown Silicon Nanowires For Transistor Devices

The Relationship Between Water Contact Angle And Adhesion Peel Force In Uv-Treated Ots Multilayers

Nanoshaving And Nanografting Of Water-Soluble Polymers On Glass Surfaces

Fabrication Of Transistors From Purified (7; 6) Carbon Nanotubes

Patterning Vertical Structures for Use in Constructing Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell Molds

Resistivity Measurements With Hysteresis In Crystalline Thin Films Of Vanadium Dioxide By Four-Point Probe

Diode Properties of Nanotube Networks

Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes As A Framework For Microfabrication Of High Aspect Ratio Mems

Process For Aggregation Of Micron-Sized Patterns Of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests

GST Crystallite-Density TEM-Analysis Finds No Crystalline Structure

Surface Phase Transformation In Lithium Aluminate

Studying And Eliminating Adventitious Carbon Contamination On Silicon Wafers

Effect Of Catalyst Thickness And Barrier Layers On Patterned Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotube Growth

Apparatus for Vacuum Heating of TEM Samples

Absolute Quantum Yield Measurements Of Density Separated Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Suspensions

Imaging Ribosomes In Fluid Using The Atomic Force Microscope

Characterization Of Crystalline Vanadium Dioxide By Transmission Electron Microscopy

Biological Deposition Of Iron Catalyst For Carbon Nanotube Growth